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At Miami Urgent Care and Family Practice, when we say comprehensive and unique care we mean comprehensive and unique care!

Our expert medical staff provides quality care to patients from one year of age to 100. Sure we provide routine medical care like you would expect from your primary care doctor such as annual physicals, well woman gynecology exams, rashes, sprains, acute infections and treat chronic diseases like hypertension, elevated cholesterol and diabetes. And sure we are equipped to care for and have loads of experience and expertise at treating the usual problems which would make you want to visit an urgent care such as lacerations, minor fractures, minor motor vehicle injuries, all types of infections, asthma, ear wax build up and more.

But we are so much more than that. Are you concerned about a mole or skin growth and want it checked today. We can help you there too and even take a small biopsy if needed. Are you looking for STD testing and treatment. We can do comprehensive testing for STD's now. Are you planning on traveling out of the country and need travel advice and vaccines. Were here, just walk in. 

Don't feel like making a stop at the pharmacy to pick up your medication when you're not feeling well or when the pharmacy is closed. We understand and have you covered. We keep many medications in house and offer them at a very inexpensive price if you want them.

Do you want to have lab testing to check your cholesterol, glucose, urine or testosterone? Do you need an X-ray or an ultrasound exam? Come on over, were here. Nope, you don't need an appointment!

Oh and did we mention we practice what others consider concierge medicine and charge thousands of dollars a year for. House calls? Sure. Would you like access to your doctor via his cell by texting him 24 / 7. You see we don't charge you for that, we believe it's just the way medicine should be. All patients receive Dr. Mones' mobile phone number and are encouraged to text him if all their questions were not answered during their visit or if they need to reach him with urgent matters. 

Our philosophy is simple. One could be the most highly trained physician or physician assistant in the world but if your not available to your patients, what good are you? 

We're here 7 days a week and provide medical care and service the way we would like ourselves and our loved ones to be cared for if they needed medical care.

Do you see now why we think we are unique and comprehensive in our care. We're equipped with the latest equipment, our doctor and physician assistants are experts, were available when you need us and we genuinely care about you. 

Come visit us today and see the way we think medical care should be.