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At Miami Urgent Care and Family Practice, unlike most "STD Testing Centers" in town, we believe that a consultation with a provider with expert knowledge and experience with sexually transmitted disease is a vital part of testing for these illnesses. We find that many patients come to us after having studies performed at these "testing centers" with panic and fear mostly as a result of lack of discussion with a knowledgeable provider.

Questions like "what does it mean that my IGG antibody to herpes is positive" or "can I give herpes to my partner by sharing a glass of water" or "how come I'm not having any symptoms of herpes", "can I pass on chlamydia by sharing a towel with my family" need quick answers to alleviate fears. Or others come in 100 percent certain that their tests prove that they don't have any STD's and we have to explain to them that for many reasons they can't be certain of that.

Oh, and have you heard about the latest disease to be classified as an STD? ZIKA. That's right, ZIKA. it's been confirmed that ZIKA can be transmitted by sexual intercourse. Our expert providers are up to date on the latest information on ZIKA and can educate you and test you during your consultation.

So at Miami Urgent Care and Family Practice we don't just draw your blood and email the results and keep you hanging with unanswered questions.

Nope. First we meet you, discuss your symptoms and the reason you want to be tested. We then perform a thorough exam when indicated. We advise you not only what tests we think you should have done and how reliable or unreliable those tests are and when if at all they need to be repeated to give you peace of mind. Then, if you want, we talk about what you need to do in the future to prevent STD's. We will even offer advise on vaccinations such as HPV (Gardasil). When the results come back we will give you a call. HIV results, positive or negative, must be given in person. That's not our rule, it's the law.

If any tests do return positive you will be asked to return to discuss those results in person. We will then answer all your questions until you feel that you have all the information about your condition that you need. If you require treatment for diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphillis we can do that at the follow up visit and advise you of what and when further testing is needed.

Oh, and all our patients receive Dr. Mones' cell phone number (305 494-0536), just in case they have additional questions that they forgot to ask when they were in the office. That's particularly important with STD testing because we find patients are often nervous during their visit and think of additional questions when they get home. We really do want to alleviate all your fears and we believe knowledge is power.

So once again we think that all Urgent Care Centers and STD clinics are not created equal. We think we are a unique Urgent Care! We think we are a better urgent care.

Oh, and did we mention that our medical director, Dr. Harris Mones has authored chapters on STD's in books used throughout the country at many medical schools. Here's a book that he authored a chapter in on the common STD, Human Papiloma Virus (HPV)