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Do you have symptoms of the Zika Virus? We can help!

We are currently accepting patients for evaluation of possible Zika infection. 
Please call our office to be seen today. 305-735.8275.

We do accept most insurances and many insurance companies are paying the lab fees for testing. For patients without insurance we charge our standard fee of 150.00 for the consultation. If testing at a private lab is required, there are additional lab costs.

If you have any of the below symptoms and have any reason to believe you may have contracted Zika by travel to Latin America or the Caribbean or have had sexual contact with someone who has traveled to these areas and has shown signs of the disease we can help you get tested. We will consult with you and if you meet criteria for Zika testing we will refer you to a private laboratory that performs Zika testing or to the CDC.

We are available to assist you with any concerns you may have about the Zika virus. No appointment is required. Protect yourself from the Zika virus!

  • Contact our office to be seen if you have fever, rash, joint pain or red eyes
  • Pregnant woman avoid travel to areas of high concentration of transmission
  • Use insect appropriate repellent
  • Use condoms
  • Wear skin protectent clothing
  • Use mosquito netting on cribs, strollers and baby carriages
  • Use screens on windows and remove all standing water

The Zika virus has been associated with microcephally, small heads in newborns, and other neurological diseases.

At Miami Urgent Care we believe that educating our patients on matters of healthcare is vital and therefore this page of our website will be devoted to keeping you informed about this very serious condition and updates will be made regularly.

Infection with this condition results in usually mild symptoms including fever, muscle aches, rash and conjunctivitis (eye inflammation). More serious neurological diseases have been associated with the Zika virus. The disease is transmitted primarily by mosquito bites. There has however been one case identified where the disease was transmitted by sexual contact and therefore Zika infection may now be classified as a sexually transmitted disease.

The best way to prevent catching the Zika virus in Miami is to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes. Therefore it is recommended that you avoid areas with high concentrations of mosquitoes such as areas with stagnant water, wear sufficient protective clothing and use mosquito repellent when you leave your home.