Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Injuries

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At Miami Urgent Care and Family Practice we are equipped to treat minor injuries which occur in the work place. We are available to assist injured workers 7 days a week. From cuts and bruises to minor fractures we can assist injured workers and help them get back to work as quickly as possible. We have x-rays and ultrasound on site when needed. We accept referrals from insurance companies and patients can come in directly as well.

We accept most workers compensation insurances.

If you get hurt on the job we suggest do the following.

  • Report the injury to your employer:
    Tell your supervisor as soon as you realize you are injured. If the problem developed gradually, report it as soon as you realize it may be job related
  • Get emergency treatment immediately if needed:
    If your injury is life threatening or limb threatening call 911.
    Once you have been discharged from the emergency room, contact us for further help.
  • Complete the appropriate claim form and give it to your employer. Describe your injury in detail and remember to include all parts of your body that you believe have been affected
  • Contact our office:|
    We will see you the same day if you need us. We treat all types of non emergent work related injuries from back and neck injuries to cuts and bruises. We will help you feel better quickly and back to work as soon as possible.

Many patients who have come to see us for work related injuries ask if they can continue seeing us for their routine health care needs and both they and their families continue to receive the benefits of our convenient, quality care. That makes us happy!