Minor Surgeries

Minor Surgeries, Removal of Moles and Skin Cancers

Call Now or Walk-In


Do you have a skin growth, mole that has changed or just been meaning to get in to the doctor for a skin exam. There's no need to wait weeks to get in to see a dermatologist. We are here to hep you when you need us 7 days a week.

We have an in office operative suite with the latest equipment and expert providers on premises to care for you now.

Do you have a skin infection that needs immediate attention? Don't wait as these can get worse with delayed treatment and may be more difficult to treat later on. 

And if your problem is an infection requiring antibiotics we can even dispense them on site to prevent further delay.

You say other urgent care centers don't offer this type of service. We know, that's why we consider ourselves unique. You see not all urgent cares are equal. Check out our reviews on Google and see for yourself what our patients say about us.