Ear Wax Removal

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At Miami Urgent Care and Family Practice we know that symptoms caused by too much ear wax can be quite bothersome. That's why we never say no when patients want to know if they can come in right now and have it removed. We are here early morning, evening and weekends to help when too much wax build up is causing you distress.

Symptoms of excessive ear wax can include a feeling of fullness, itching, pain, dizziness, and even coughing believe it or not, due to thenerve pathway between your ear and your diaphragm. But by far the most common reason patients visit Miami Urgent Care and Family Practice as a result of ear wax is decreased hearing. In fact, partial hearing loss is most commonly caused by excessive wax build up.

And when our patients complain of loss of hearing and our examination reveals excessive wax build up, that makes us happy. We are happy because most importantly we can reassure our patient that the reason for their loss of hearing has an easy remedy and, almost always, utilizing a very mild suction device, we can safely and painlessly remove the wax and restore the patients' hearing promptly.

In fact it always amazes us when we see the expression on our patient's face when we show them what came out. "No way, THAT came out of my ear" is heard commonly along with other not so polite comments.

Believe it or not, some wax is beneficial and is part of our ears own cleaning system. You see we were pretty "neatly designed" and the wax can help keep dust, dirt, bacteria and even bugs out of our ears. Wax and the debris that is trapped in there is propelled out of the ear by our jaw movements, at roughly the same speed our fingernails grow. How's that for a crazy fact? When the debris and wax reach the end of our ear canal it falls out usually without us noticing.

But for those times when the wax build up is greater than we like and causes those annoying symptoms, our expert staff is waiting with the needed medical equipment to remove your wax quickly and safely, when you need it out, mornings, evenings and weekends.