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At Miami Urgent Care we treat thrombosed hemorrhoids in patients who are in a great deal of pain and usually the pain relief is immediate.

Hemorrhoids are blood vessels of the rectum that have become swollen. There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external.
Internal hemorrhoids are located up inside the rectum. They are usually too far up to be seen without the use of medical instruments and are usually not painful as they have very little nerve supply. External hemorrhoids are found in the anus and can be painful because of their nerve supply.

Occasionally a blood clot will form within an external hemorrhoid and the hemorrhoid is then called a thrombosed hemorrhoid. They can be extremely painful and their purplish color can be quite frightening. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are not life threatening and usually will resolve with conservative treatment (stool softeners, sitz baths, topical creams) within a couple of weeks. However at times the pain can be unbearable in which case our health care providers at Miami Urgent Care can perform a minor surgery to remove the thrombosis or blood clot which usually results in immediate relief of the pain.

Best of all, we are open morning, evenings and weekends and no appointment or referral is needed.

If you are suffering from what you think might be a thrombosed hemorrhoid call Miami Urgent Care today and we will do our very best to send you home pain free.