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Our patients love that we perform many common lab tests and diagnostic tests in our office.

Many lab tests are performed here and, the ones that we are not, we draw the blood or obtain the specimen in our office and send it to the lab so our patients don't have to be bothered to travel to another location.


Not only that but the ones that are performed in house such as HIV, strep tests, and urine tests, the results can be given to our patients in minutes. This helps us often with being able to give immediate reassurance to our patients and in determining whether antibiotics need to be given.

Electrocardiograms, breathing tests, echocardiograms? Sure, we've got you covered on those too, in house, with results often in minutes.





Do you need x-rays or ultrasound? No worries, we perform those in house too. Our doctor's and Physician Assistants will give you their preliminary opinion and then we will get confirmation by a board certified radiologist within minutes. 



Just one more way we at Miami Urgent Care believe we are unique and another chance to show our patients just how much we care.